The Unlocker


Acid High & Follow Her

These 2 minimal Techno tracks from Spanish based The Unlocker bring Beat Code back on to familiar ground


Acid High is a full on dirty synth driving tech track with big drums kicking through


Follow Her carries the big kick with a slightly more housey sound with vocal snippets chopped over a driving rhythm.
Big release for The Unlockers debut on Beat Code Records

Space Bandit


Paradox EP

A 4 track ep from Obsessions very own Roge Clifford aka the Space Bandit.


2 tracks Flying Higher and title track, Paradox, handles the Melodic House and Techno vibe with Shifting Dune and Big Galaxy easing Beat Code into new territory with big Drum & Bass tuneage

Joe Dymond

Feat Wes


Broken Walls

Joe Dymond

Broken Walls feat Wes

A driving deep progressive tech track featuring Wes Lowe on vocals.

A haunting melody and analogue bass brings this track in to a peak time set setting off the vocals off nicely. A quick breakdown before the chopped up vocals kick everything back in nicely


Twin Petes remix

brings Broken Walls back into house territory, with an old skool 909 snare and melodic bassline and more chopped up vocals


Bearings Jammed


Like This

This original

track by Bearings Jammed is a perfect blend of old skool electro and house music.


With its sharp kick drum and deep bass line the groove is set. Add on top of that the dirty glitches and fucked up vocals, this track twists into your head and makes you twitch with delight. After the breakdown with more mental vocals, the drop features some dirty stabs like Mr Oizo on a pack of refreshers


The remix

from Joe Dymond lifts this cracking track into a main room techno vibe. Big bass and kick, keeping the glitch and twisted vocals into the groove, there’s an added tinkling melody.


The chopped up vocals layer up as the track progresses until the breakdown kicks back in with the dirty stabs for its climax

Jamie Rainbow


New Start & You’ve Got House

You’ve Got House

has a phat bassline reminiscent of old skool house, some lovely chime melody, uplifting pads and a vocal sample popping in and out like a sherbet dip dab.

Something you could see being played by the man like…


New Start

takes it up a gear in to proggy tech land, with a rumbling acid bassline and a scratched vocal sample giving it a twitchy groove throughout. With a minimal breakdown giving it a driving vibe, this is a peaktime bouncer.